City of Patras, is the capital of the Achaia county and one of the most significant cities of Greece with a very important port. It is the third largest city in population in Greece and a very busy place for business, commerce, tourism and communication. It is famous for its carnival which is the second biggest in the world next to the one in Rio. Masquerades and big parades blend the myth and fantasy with intense colors and sounds. A well-known place of pilgrimage are the two churches dedicated to St Andrew who preached Christianity and was later crucified and buried.

The Municipal Gallery of Patras where important exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photograph are held

The Roman Odeum.(dated from 160AC)

The Press Museum​

The Municipal Conservatory and the Municipal Peripheral Theatre​

The Achaia Clauss​

The Museum of Popular Art

The Roman Aquaduct

The Fortress of Patras (5th centum AD)

The Archaeological Museum


One of the prettiest towns in Greece, 35km from Patras. Built at the foot of ancient Eliki, with a panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf, Mount Panahaiko and Helmos. An important commercial, industrial and cultural center. According to Greek mythology, king Agamemnon gathered the Greeks here to decide the expedition of Troy.

The Municipal Folklore Museum and Archaeological Museum

The Monastery of Taxiarches

The church of Tripiti Panagia

Pausanias plane tree


Kalavrita is 13km north-east of Egion. A rack-railway takes you through the Vouraikos river gorge to the historical city, built at a height of 756m. Bridges built high above ravines, tunnels, waterfalls and dense flora are breathtaking. The historical convent of Agia Lavra which is known to all Greeks for its contribution to the revolution against the Turks in 1821 is worth visiting. The legendary monastery of Mega Spilaio at an altitude of 924m, built inside a huge cave is famous for a Holy Icon of Virgin Mary made out of wax and mastic. You can also see wonderful frescoes, mosaic floors and a bronze door with amazing decoration. At short distance from the historic town of Kalavrita is the Cave of Lakes which consists of 13 lakes in three levels, mysterious tunnels and stalactites, a natural formation of rare beauty. On Helmos mountain there is a fully organized ski center which offers the opportunity to both experienced and beginners, to enjoy winter sports like ski or snowboard in a landscape of unique beauty. On the summer, there are great hiking and mountain bike trails and with the help of a local guide, it is possible to reach the Waters of Styx. According to mythology, the Olympian Gods swore upon the Waters and when Achilles was born his mother Thetis tried to make him immortal by dipping him in the river.


Olympia was a sanctuary of ancient Greece and the site of the Olympic Games, the most well-known games in history.


In Delphi, an ancient city of Greece was the most important and widely known sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. There, Pythia, commonly known as the oracle of Delphi, was widely credited for her prophecies inspired by Apollo and had great influence throughout the Greek world. It is possible to reach Delphi by ferry from Rion to Antirion.

Theater of Aegira



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